Former conductor, Dr. Dwayne Corbin, leading Bernstein’s Chichester Psalms, III, with the Shasta Symphony Orchestra, the Simpson University Chorale, Simpson University Trinity Repertoire Singers, the Shasta College Community Chorus, and the Shasta College Chorale. This excerpt focuses on the choral ending of the piece. Performed in April 2014.

Former conductor, Dr. Dwayne Corbin, leading the orchestral winds from the Simpson Sinfonia Orchestra (later merged with the Shasta Symphony Orchestra) in this chamber concert. First movement of the seven movement suite for twelve winds and double bass.

Past conductor, Dr. Dwayne Corbin, conducting the Shasta Symphony Orchestra in Schubert’s Symphony in B Minor, “the Unfinished.” First movement, second half. (Development, Recapitulation and Coda). November 1, 2014.