Symphony on the Beach #3 Huge Success

The 3rd Annual Symphony on the Beach was held again at Brandy Creek Beach and drew a fantastic crowd of people.  Complete with food, drink, beautiful setting, lighted luminaries and inspiring music, this free-to-the-public event is one of our favorites! We are already looking forward to returning next year.DSC_0119.jpgDSC_0108.jpgDSC_0132.jpgDSC_0111.jpg

2 thoughts on “Symphony on the Beach #3 Huge Success

  1. Hi,

    This was my second concert at Brandy Creek and I really enjoy them. I am legally blind and with a long white cane. Though I can see, I need help at times. Everyone was kind and helpful. The crowd was awesome and the music good. I would like to see more outdoorsy type of music though, since we are celebrating the great outdoors. I love the floating lights, great for the memory of loved ones and for earning money to keep events like this going.

    Great Job, keep up the good work. Regards, Nancy Piazza


    • Thank you, Nancy! Your suggestions and comments are so very helpful as we plan ahead for further events and dates. I too am looking forward to next year’s Symphony on the Beach! S. Baker, Promotions Coordinator, Simpson University.


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